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30 Inmates from The Class II A Tangerang Youth Correctional Institution have Successfully Completed Their Undergraduate Studies (S1)

Receiving quality education is a right for every human being, including those undergoing sentences in Correctional Institutions (Lapas). Quoting Article 9, letter c, of Law No. 22 of 2022 concerning Correctional Facilities, which states, "Prisoners have the right to receive education and teaching."

An inspiring story comes from Class II A Tangerang Youth Correctional Institution (Lapas). A total of 30 inmates from the Tangerang Youth Correctional Institution participated in the graduation ceremony at Syekh Yusuf Islamic University (UNIS) Tangerang, held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD on Saturday, October 1, 2022. The graduating inmates completed their studies at the Faculty of Law at Syekh Yusuf Islamic University Tangerang.

Among the 30 inmates who completed their university education, three achieved the honor of Cum Laude. This accomplishment is truly remarkable, considering the challenges they faced. Despite all the limitations, these inmates did not allow anything to hinder their pursuit of education. Diligence, discipline, and hard work were the key factors that enabled them to excel in their studies.

Such extraordinary achievements undoubtedly received strong support from the Directorate General of Corrections (Ditjenpas) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, through Class II A Tangerang Youth Correctional Institution and the Second Chance Foundation, which supported the education of one of the 30 graduating inmates.

The inmates participated in the graduation ceremony in person, accompanied by correctional officers and their parents. Each graduate received two invitations for their family members to witness the event.

With the success of these inmates in completing their studies, it is hoped that it will serve as a stepping stone for them to transform for the better and support their reintegration process. This positive example can educate society and break the negative stigma surrounding inmates while showcasing the unlimited potential that lies behind prison walls.

Observing the significant potential and enthusiasm shown by the inmates in pursuing education, policymakers are strategically ensuring that the university education program continues beyond the current stage. They aim to establish a sustainable program, providing opportunities for other inmates to continue their studies despite the limitations within the correctional facility.

Education is a fundamental right for every human being, even for those behind bars. Barriers do not hinder their pursuit of knowledge.

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