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The Second Chance Foundation will Launch a Collection of Short Stories for Inmates and Children, The Voice Behind The Bar

JAKARTA, SC - “If we fall, get up again and don't complain. If it fails, try again and make sense. There are always second chances for us, and going to jail is not the end. Within the limitations of space, our creativity must not die”

This sentence is part of a collection of 26 best stories by inmates and children entitled Suara Di Balik Jerjak, the result of a Story Writing Competition organized by the Second Chance Foundation.

Contains a collection of touching stories with various themes, such as admiration for national heroes, humorous stories, love stories of a mother, to stories about empowering inmates in the environmental field, which were later recorded by the Second Chance Foundation with publisher Elex Media Komputindo.

Collaborating with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and supported by the Directorate General of Corrections at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Second Chance Foundation invites the public to participate in the launch of Suara Di Balik Jerjak on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 to coincide with International Literacy Day.

This activity is also an opportunity to explore further what the process of inmates and children is in working, the challenges they go through while writing stories, how the officers at the correctional institution assist them in their work, to what things can be done by all parties to support their contribution. positive they are either from behind bars or when they are released later.

Registration can be done via the link or scan the QR Code in the event poster. And if you need further information regarding this activity, please contact us via direct message to our Instagram account or the contact person listed on the event poster.  

We look forward to your participation in supporting the positive contribution of prisoners and children in the field of prison literature.

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