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Tangerang Correctional Institution and Second Chance Foundation Handover Symbolic Mockup of Newspaper Roll Building

The Tangerang Class I Correctional Institution and the Second Chance Foundation carried out a symbolic handover of a mock-up of an office building in the Mega Kuningan area made from rolled newspapers. The mockup was designed by 4 residents assisted by the Tangerang Prison for 5 months.

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Publisher Kiddo and Second Chance Foundation Support the Launch of Children's Fairy Tales

Publisher Kiddo in collaboration with the Second Chance Foundation invites the children to get acquainted with Cahaya, the orang-utan and explore the tropical forest where she lives virtually.

Petualangan Hutan Tropis.png

The Second Chance Foundation will Launch a Collection of Short Stories for Inmates and Children, The Voice Behind The Bar

Contains a collection of touching stories with various themes, such as admiration for national heroes, humorous stories, love stories of a mother, to stories about empowering inmates in the environmental field, which were later recorded by the Second Chance Foundation with publisher Elex Media Komputindo.

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