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LPKA Class I Tangerang Correctional Institution celebrates International Youth Day through "Expressing with Creativity" with Second Chance Foundation and Art Community

International Youth Day, celebrated every 12th of August, is a moment for teenagers and young people worldwide to demonstrate their enthusiasm and contributions towards the development of the world for a better future.

30 Inmates from The Class II A Tangerang Youth Correctional Institution Have Successfully Completed Their Undergraduate Studies (S1)

Receiving quality education is a right for every human being, including those undergoing sentences in Correctional Institutions.

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The Second Chance Foundation will Launch a Collection of Short Stories for Inmates and Children, The Voice Behind The Bar

Contains a collection of touching stories with various themes, such as admiration for national heroes, humorous stories, love stories of a mother, to stories about empowering inmates in the environmental field, which were later recorded by the Second Chance Foundation with publisher Elex Media Komputindo.

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